Lux flooring Pleven
Repair, grinding and restoration of stone and stone flooring - marble, mosaic, granite, concrete, etc

About Us

Lux Flooring Pleven has been working professionally for more than 20 years, performing grinding, polishing and crystallization of stone flooring like: 

  • Marble;
  • Mosaics;
  • Granite;
  • Concrete. 

We lay strength and wear-resistant cement self-leveling floor coatings, designed for garages, wharehouses, halls and others.

  • Laying marble flooring according to personalized design.
  • Laying various types of epoxy flooring systems and coatings, suitable for hospitals, laboratories, for the food processing industry and others.

We offer a professional implementation of high quality, within short time periods, which makes each project a success.

We will consult you and respond to your solutions with a qualified staff, specialized equipment and materials that comply with all European standards.

After proper technology processing we can guarantee an excellent quality of realization and many years of exploitation.

The quality of realization that we offer results from our long-term professional experience in the sector.

We will consult you and respond to your aspirations and needs.

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