Lux flooring Pleven
Repair, grinding and restoration of stone and stone flooring - marble, mosaic, granite, concrete, etc

Grinding and polishing of mosaics

Lux Flooring Pleven has been performing processing of mosaic flooring professionally for more than 20 years now: 

  • Abrasive and diamond grinding of mosaics
  • Complete repair, renovation and restorationof old mosaic floors
  • Glass transition and crystallization of mosaics
  • Grinding and polishing of newly laid mosaic flooring
  • Grinding and crystallization of mosaic steps
  • Protection of industrial mosaic flooring against aggressive environment impact 

We guarantee excellent quality and short periods of realization. 

Special prices and offers for residential building entrances 

You can contact us on the mobile numbers or send us a request and we will contact you within the same working day.

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